TR CU 16 Devices on gaseous fuel

TR CU 16 Devices on gaseous fuel

ТR CU 016/2011 «About safety of apparatuses operating on gaseous fuel»

Apparatuses that run on gas, or to gas-using equipment, include devices that are used for cooking, heating rooms and providing hot water. They can also be part of other appliances, as block automatic burners, produced separately and then integrated into the equipment as elements of control and safety systems.

Such units are identified by the following characteristics:

  • name;
  • designation;
  • type and pressure of the gas at which the appliance operates;
  • voltage and frequency (in the case of electrical equipment).
  • amount of heat energy produced.

Area of application

Apparatuses that are subject to TR CU 016/2011 are listed in Annex 1 thereto. The most detailed list, with TN VED codes, can be found in Decision of the Board of the EEC No. 92 of 24.04.2013.

There are also exempted objects. Technical Regulations do not apply to:

  • boilers in which the steam pressure exceeds 0.07 MPa;
  • boilers for heating water to a temperature above 115 C;
  • certain types of industrial process equipment;
  • equipment for which gas is a motor fuel.

How compliance of gas equipment is confirmed

Such equipment undergoes both certification and declaration. You can find out which approval document is required for a specific device by studying Appendix 1, which lists the equipment regulated by technical regulations. The form of conformity confirmation is indicated next to each type of equipment. If you have any questions, our experts will answer them in detail.

Most gas equipment requires certification. If the equipment is subject to a declaration, but the applicant realizes that he can’t gather the evidence on his own, he has the right to replace the declaration with certification. In this case, we will certify his products according to an equivalent scheme.

Declaration for serial equipment can be accepted for up to 3 years, the certificate can be issued for up to 5 years. For a batch or a single piece of equipment the documents are issued without specifying the period of validity.

Some types of gas equipment may also fall within the scope of other technical regulations, such as TR CU 004/2011 and TR CU 020/2011.  Our experts will tell you in advance which requirements apply to your products.

Stages of certification

  1. The certification expert and project manager will explain to you in detail how to proceed.
  2. They will send you the exact list of documents that need to be collected in your case (including the documents required for production evaluation if this is set by the certification scheme).
  3. The expert will select samples of the goods and organize their laboratory testing.
  4. If the certification is for serial products, the expert will check the conditions of production. It is necessary to make sure that the manufacturer has the ability to produce products that meet the requirements of technical regulations. 
  5. If the results of tests and verification of production are positive, we issue and issue a certificate to the applicant. 
  6. If the certificate is issued for serial products, then during the period of its validity with the established periodicity it is necessary to conduct inspection control. It is necessary to make sure that the manufactured products still meet the requirements, compliance with which was proved by certification.

We can help you with the declaration!

Since January 2021 only the applicant himself can register the declaration of conformity of TR CU 016/2011. But we are ready to help you do the procedure according to all the rules:

  • provide a list of documents that need to be collected by the specific applicant, taking into account the conditions of its application;
  • help you properly fill out the declaration;
  • explain where and how to obtain an EDS, which is needed to register the declaration in the registry;
  • check all documents;
  • upload a draft of the declaration with the documents to the IGIS registry (the applicant will only have to sign it with his or her EDS).

If you, as a foreign company, do not have an official representative on the territory of the EEU, we are ready to carry out the conformity assessment procedure on our behalf.

We will coordinate the layout of the product authorization document with you in advance in order to avoid possible errors in it.

The service is provided on the basis of a contract for the function of a foreign manufacturer in terms of ensuring compliance of the supplied products with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union and in terms of liability for non-compliance of the supplied products with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

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