Increased list of products to be certified

Increased list of products to be certified

There will be more goods that must meet national standards. Their lists were introduced by Government Decree No. 2425 of December 23, 2021, which was published on December 30. It will come into force from September 2022, and for new product groups – from September 2023 and will be valid until September 2028.

Rosstandart explained that manufacturers and sellers of products have time to prepare to meet additional requirements, while certification bodies and testing laboratories have time to expand the scope of accreditation.

In connection with the adoption of Decree No. 2425, the previous lists of products approved by Decree No. 982 of 01.12.2009 will cease to be valid from September 2022. The documents issued for these products will remain valid until the expiration of the period specified in them, but the maximum is until September 2025.

Another 26 product groups have been added to products that require mandatory certification. Among them are products made of polymer composite materials, radiators, cement, sealants, weapons, electricity, oil products, mining equipment, pipes and pipeline parts.

Almost twice as many products have been added to the list to be declared – 67 groups. Among them are batteries, transformers, dishes, household chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, disinfectants, paints and varnishes and raw materials for them, heat-insulating materials, polymer pipes, dry building mixtures, white and colored pigments, art materials.

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