New rules of compliance with Russian standards

New rules of compliance with Russian standards

On July 30, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1265 dated July 24, 2021 was officially published. It established the rules for confirming the conformity of products, which are specified in the first paragraph of paragraph 3 of Article 46 of the Federal Law “On Technical Regulation”. This refers to products from the lists for certification and declaration approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 982 dated 01.12.2009.

The new Decree contains the main terms and definitions from the field of conformity assessment, indicates the circle of applicants, defines their actions and responsibilities, lists the requirements for certification bodies and testing laboratories and lists their functions. The new rules, in fact, will harmonize the procedure for confirming compliance in the national system with the procedure that is already established for all member states of the EAEU.

The resolution (except for one subparagraph) entered into force on the day of publication. Main points:

Mandatory certification is carried out according to the schemes described in GOST R 53603-2020 “Conformity assessment. Product Certification Schemes in the Russian Federation”. When assessing the state of production, one should be guided by GOST R 55469-2020 / ISO / IEC TR 17026: 2015 “Conformity assessment. An example of a certification scheme for material products.

The applicant submits a form to the certification body. The application specifies:

  1. applicant;
  2. manufacturer;
  3. product name;
  4. certification scheme;
  5. national standard (if it is applied selectively, then its necessary paragraphs and sections).

Additionally, it is now also necessary to indicate the Global Location Number (GLN) if the goods are manufactured outside the EAEU.

From September 1 this year, a subparagraph comes into force, according to which, in the absence of a GLN, another individual identifier can be used, which allows you to automatically determine the location of the manufacturer of the product and the addresses of the places of its production. If there is no other identifier, it will be possible to specify the GLONASS coordinates.

Declaration is carried out according to the schemes established in GOST R 54008-2010 “Conformity assessment. Conformity Declaration Schemes”.

The applicant submits to the FSIS the information that is listed in the rules approved by Government Decree No. 936 of 06/19/2021.

The declaration is registered in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia No. 478 dated July 31, 2020 (effective from January 2021).

Validity of certificates and declarations. Documents become effective from the date of entering in the register. For serial products, validity of up to 5 years, unless the standard that defines the rules for certification/declaration of specific products specifies another period.

The validity period of the certificate/declaration for a batch and for single products is equal to the shelf life/service life of the product, but cannot exceed 5 years. If the expiration date is not set, then the document will be valid for 1 year.

Marking. Products that have passed the conformity assessment in the national system are marked not with the mark of conformity (“RST”), but with the mark of circulation on the market – “STR”.

The duration of the new rules. The rules established by Decree No. 1265 will be valid until July 30, 2027.

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