ТR CU 004/2011 «On the safety of low-voltage equipment»

ТR CU 004/2011 «On the safety of low-voltage equipment»

This technical regulation applies to technical devices that are designed for voltages in the range of 50-1000 V AC and 75-1500 V DC.

The products regulated by TR CU 004 /2011

1) Household appliances and equipment:

  • for the kitchen (refrigerators, dishwashers, hobs and ovens, kettles, microwaves, toasters, meat grinders, food processors, etc.);
  • clothes and shoe care (washing machines, dryers, irons, steam generators, etc.)
  • cleaning (vacuum cleaners, steam mops, etc.);
  • for creating the necessary microclimate in the room (air conditioners, fans, heaters, extractors, air purifiers, etc.)
  • for hygiene (showers, sauna stoves, water heaters, toilets, etc.)
  • for body care (hair dryers, electric shavers, epilators, hand dryers, etc.)
  • for body heating (electric blankets, warmers, etc.)
  • for body massage;
  • exercisers, sports and gaming equipment (including video games);
  • video and audio equipment, TV and radio receivers;
  • knitting and sewing machines;
  • chargers, power supplies, and voltage stabilizers;
  • equipment for the garden and vegetable garden (lawn mowers, blinds, blowers, etc.);
  • equipment for aquariums and artificial ponds (for lighting, heating, water purification and oxygenation);
  • electric pumps;
  • lighting products (lamps, lamps, projectors, and garlands);
  • electrical installation products (plugs, sockets, adapters, etc.);
  • extension cords.

2) Computers;

3) Peripherals: monitors, printers, scanners, UPS, etc.;

4) Hand-held and portable power tools;

5) Musical power tools;

6) Wires, cords and cables;

7) Circuit breakers and RCDs;

8) Electric power distributors;

9) Apparatus for switching and protecting electric circuits.

Confirmation of compliance

Applicant, that is the person in whose name the document will be issued, can be legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who are registered in the EEU and are manufacturers, sellers and authorized representatives of foreign manufacturers.

The certificate is issued by the certification body included in the national part of the Single Register of accredited persons of EEU. The declaration is issued by the applicant itself, having collected the necessary documents required by the technical regulations.

Forms of documents are established by Decision of the EEC Board No. 293 of December 25, 2012.

Information about both documents is entered into the national part of the Single Register of Certificates and Declarations of the EEU, but the certificate is registered by the issuing authority, and the declaration by the applicant (for this purpose he is required to obtain a digital signature beforehand).

If the applicant wishes, in accordance with Article 7 of TR CU 004/2011 products that are subject to declaration can be certified instead. Reverse substitution is not allowed.

For products of serial production both the certificate and declaration shall be issued for the desired period within 5 years. The period of validity is not specified in the documents for a batch of products.

Stages of certification

  1. The applicant is explained in detail the procedure and given a precise list of documents to be submitted to the certification body.
  2. The expert selects samples of the goods and sends them for testing.
  3. An accredited laboratory conducts tests and records the results.
  4. If a serial product is submitted for certification, the expert comes to the production site to analyze it. It is necessary to make sure that the manufacturer has the necessary conditions to produce products that meet the requirements of technical regulations.
  5. If the results of tests and production verification are positive, the certificate is issued to the applicant. 
  6. If the certificate is issued for serial products, the certification body conducts an inspection control with a set periodicity during the period of its validity. Its purpose is to ensure that the product still complies with the established requirements.

If you, as a foreign company, do not have an official representative on the territory of the EEU, we are ready to carry out the conformity assessment procedure on our behalf.

We will coordinate the layout of the product authorization document with you in advance in order to avoid possible errors in it.

The service is provided on the basis of a contract for the function of a foreign manufacturer in terms of ensuring compliance of the supplied products with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union and in terms of liability for non-compliance of the supplied products with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

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